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One more year, the UCJC Foundation participated as a member of the Acumen Fellows Program panel of judges. The programme was born in 2007 in New York to encourage leaders from around the world who had the determination, imagination and perseverance to dream of a better world and make it a reality. In 2020, the programme arrived in Spain with the Open Value Foundation, with leaders who come from different sectors, communities and beliefs. In 2022, Camilo José Cela University joined as a collaborator of the programme together with Arcano Partners.

Every year, around 20 extraordinary people come together for a few months to live a transformative experience in which they are equipped with practical tools to positively influence their communities and sectors.

Today, Acumen Fellows are part of a global community in which there are over 1,000 Fellows in different countries around the world. Altogether, it is estimated that, through the different initiatives led by each of the fellows, more than eight million people are benefiting.

Post Author: Sergio Barrado

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