UCJC Foundation

The UCJC Foundation under the aegis of Camilo José Cela University serves to maximize the social impact of its educational model. We work to ensure universal access to education, promote research applied to the most urgent needs of our society and develop initiatives that promote the sustainable development of our planet.



To be a pioneering university in opening new paths towards sustainable development through education, research and entrepreneurship.

  • All-round personal development: Promoting the holistic growth of each individual, aligning their life purpose with the needs of their environment.
  • Accessible education for all: Ensuring universal access to education, particularly in challenging contexts.
  • Research with social impact: Promoting research-action with social impact, facilitating the exchange of ideas, experiences and results between the university community and society.
  • Innovation and social entrepreneurship: Creating continuous learning spaces that promote innovation and social entrepreneurship.
  • Inclusion and diversity: Listening to and appreciating the voices and perspectives of all, particularly those in difficult contexts.
  • Courage and resilience: Fostering the courage and resilience necessary to explore the unknown and overcome adversity.
  • Commitment and collaboration: Cultivating a sense of awe, commitment, and collaborative action, contributing to the care of our planet through the construction of reciprocal and lasting community relationships.