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Educating with social impact

From Foundation UCJC we collaborate with University Camilo José Cela in the promotion of an all-round education geared towards tackling the needs of 21st century society. These include the development of transversal skills through the creation of interactive and student-centred teaching and learning contexts.

Our goal is to support the role of education beyond the evolution of knowledge and cognitive skills to build values, socio-emotional skills and attitudes among students, which can facilitate international cooperation and promote social transformation.

‘Education in a powerful weapon to change the world’

Nelson Mandela


Through The Hive (La Colmena®) UCJC trains professionals capable of working in hybrid environments and of facing complex work activities. To do this, it develops necessary disciplines in a world where flexibility and transversal skills are increasingly necessary: ​​social commitment, entrepreneurship, technology, business, sports and humanities.

Foundation UCJC participates in the articulation of these disciplines, involving the student in the execution of real-world collaborative projects, workshops on different sustainability topics and the development of applied research projects that seek to maximize their social impact.

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MIMUN: Madrid International Model United Nations

This initiative is led by students and teachers and coordinated by Foundation UCJC, in which students represent different countries of the UN and must find solutions to specific problems that are part of the international agenda.

MIMUN features the participation of Spanish and international universities in debate and negotiations simulating the representatives of the member countries in the various bodies of the UN system. Students are asked to put themselves in the shoes of the delegates of the country that they represent, and they must find solutions to specific problems on the international agenda.

The projects aim to foment a critical attitude and encourage student participation in the acquisition of the principles, values and mechanisms necessary for the peaceful resolution of conflicts through different debate techniques and negotiation.

The participants define MIMUN as a space dedicated to tolerance, empathy and diversity. It is also “an opportunity to grow and show that we, young people, are capable of solving the world’s problems”

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Foundation UCJC promotes various types of workshops that seek raise awareness in the university community on the need for their active participation in order to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

​The workshop entitled “Refugees, Journey to Hope” was held in relation to the SDG 10 programme, reducing inequality in and between countries.  This initiative is part of the Integra Project, where Foundation UCJC, UCJC, UNHCR, UNICEF and Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo, join efforts to allow ten refugee students from the war zones of Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Afghanistan carry out undergraduate studies at University Camilo José Cela. The workshop, through various activities that took place on the grounds of UCJC, brought the university community closer to the reality experienced by these students.


The HST pre-college course is an innovative UCJC programme where transversality becomes a reality through a blend of different themes related to humanities, audiovisual creativity, future technology in arts and culture, architecture or health.

Students learn from the best experts in each field, putting into practice what they have learnt in activities such as the creative cooking workshop by the Ferrán Adriá Chair, visits to Google Campus, ONCE, the Global Sports Innovation Centre, Neolabels or a route over architecture and city in Madrid.

​Foundation UCJC collaborates with the HST course in the development of a volunteer module that gives students the possibility of collaborating with different non-profit organisations.

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In MediaLab students find spaces to experiment, create content, and have hands-on experience in production and expression. An atmosphere of work and creativity in which to acquire and develop technological and digital skills, necessary for the 21st century. A whole world of activities for students to listen to each other, see themselves and learn about themselves

Foundation UCJC and MediaLab collaborate in the development of audiovisual material that seeks to raise awareness on the realities that threaten the sustainability of our planet.

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The aim of the language lab is to enable all UCJC students to work and live in an international environment thanks to the command of a foreign language.

The UCJC language lab was created to provide language training that goes beyond traditional foreign language learning. Based on an innovative and transversal methodology, it provides a linguistic and cultural immersion that allows students to acquire and improve skills and competences in another language. English becomes the instrument of communication inside and outside the classroom.

Foundation UCJC collaborates with this linguistic and cultural immersion through its Global Community, an initiative led by students who seek to share different types of experiences (Cine Forúm, Clandestinos Cafés, …) to promote the UCJC’s rich cultural diversity.

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The world of work is changing and requires specialists with skills to face an uncertain and global professional environment. The UCJC Careers Centre offers the tools and training necessary for a successful professional career and in global and multicultural contexts.

Foundation UCJC collaborates with the UCJC Professional Career Centre in training for Sustainable Vocational Development, guiding students in the search for professional opportunities in organisations that are committed to a socially responsible way of operating.

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