Campus de Paz is an initiative that emerged in 2010, in collaboration with the Fundación Víctimas del Terrorismo, as a pioneering programme in Spain, dedicated to the emotional development of children, youth and families affected by terrorism.

Its objective is to establish new ways of approaching children and young people who have suffered terrorist victimization in person or in their closest social environment, the family. Using an emotional intelligence approach, we provided them with necessary tools for adequate emotional regulation. Emotional skills are provided as part of their psychosocial development, thus favouring inner strength in resilience processes and in cases of trauma.

Family integration is carried out, enhancing and strengthening the emotional capacities of parents or guardians with emotional intervention strategies and incorporating them in the training activity and the monitoring of the programmes.

Subsequently, the programme expanded its scope of action to other vulnerable environments, in which emotional education has demonstrated its transformational power, turning conflictive experiences into spaces for the development of strengths that make these people exceptional heroes.